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EFRAT: Israel friendsofefrat.org Supporting LIFE - Support ISRAEL - is why FCC is involved with EFRAT. Since 1977 Efrat saved the lives of over 25,000 Jewish children in Israel! Their approach is simple and has proven to be successful. When women who register for an abortion indicate financial reasons for that choice, they are given Efrat's phone number to call. Efrat also has over 3,000 volunteers throughout the country who also refer cases. When a pregnant woman calls and is found to be in real need, she is offered: Monthly food and baby supplies delivered every month to her door, free baby equipment (ex. crib, bassinet, stroller, baby bath, etc), and social support with one of Efrat’s 3,000 volunteers.

CHABAD of ELON MOREH Yeshua taught us that when we take action for the least of his brothers, we have done it to him. FCC regularly supports the summer camp program for the children of 20 isolated settlements living in violence prone Samaria. These brave families committed to Torah are living out the Lord’s command to settle the mountains of Samaria. Rabbi Yehuda Rubin, Director of the Chabad House (Lubavitch) of Elon Moreh, travels extensively throughout the Shomron at great personal risk to bring the light of Torah to families and soldiers alike, and is key to this summer camp program. We count it a privilege to be part of the work there in Israel.

BRIDGES FOR PEACE bridgesforpeace.com Bridges For Peace is a Jerusalem-based, Bible-believing Christian organization supporting Israel and building relationships between Christians and Jews worldwide through education and practical deeds expressing God's love and mercy. Founded in 1976, Bridges for Peace seeks to be a ministry of hope and reconciliation. Through programs both in Israel and worldwide, we are giving Christians the opportunity to actively express their biblical responsibility before God to be faithful to Israel and the Jewish community. Specific to our involvement, Bridges for Peace runs one of the largest food distribution programs in Israel delivering food to over 20,000 people each month

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