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Faith Christian Church

...A Christian Church With a Jewish Heart
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Brief History:

Faith Christian Church began as a “store-front” church in Westminster, MA in the Fall of 1997, with a focus on teaching the integrity of the Word of God for living successfully in the 20th century. Over the next several years our appreciation of our Hebraic roots began to grow, first through our worship with a decided “Messianic” flavor, and then into a deep love and appreciation for Israel.

FCC began to outgrow our facilities and in the Spring of 2003 was able to purchase the Agudath Achim Synagogue in Fitchburg, MA. This Jewish congregation had built its first synagogue over 100 years earlier with the help of donations from the Christian community. As their congregation had dwindled in size, the building they had constructed in 1959 became available for us to purchase. What a wonderful find! A beautiful sanctuary, community hall, large kitchen, education wing - and so much more. A rich Jewish heritage which we could pick up and continue.

Our new “home” spurred us even further in searching out the depth of understanding in Paul’s words that Gentile Christians have been grafted into the root of Judaism. After studying intently the scriptures about God’s Sabbath, the congregation moved to the observance of Sabbath as our day of worship and study.

Faith Christian Church - “A Christian Church with A Jewish Heart” - continues in our love and appreciation of all of God’s Word. Frequent trips are sponsored to Israel. Our focus on missions has us centered in Haiti, India, and Ghana. Our commitment to the integrity of God’s Word has us strongly connected to the “Word of Faith” churches.

(Updated 03-09-09)