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Faith Christian Church

...A Christian Church With a Jewish Heart
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This is a list of our currently avaible mp3's, we only keep two months worth of sermons on the site. Once downloaded feel free to share them, put them on a cd, and your mp3 player. To download them just right click the link and tell it to "Save Target as" then select a folder to save it to. You can also just follow the link to listen online. Be prepared though depending on your connection speed it might take awhile to both download or start playing. We are not resposible for long download times.

April 4th - Citizens of the Kingdom April 4th
April 11th - Radical Faith April 11th
April 18th - Times in which we Live April 18th
April 25th - Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs April 25th
May 9th - The Wedding and The Lamb May 9th
May 16th - Prosperity is The Will of God May 16th
May 30th - Dressed For Success May 30th
May 23rd - Making the Right Choice May 23rd
May 28th - Celebrating Shavout (Pentecost) May 28th
June 6th - Lessons from a Horse Breeder June 6th
June 13th - Meeting your Needs June 13th
June 20th - Have you thanked your Father June 20th
Yom YHWH (The Day of the Lord) June 27th
It's All About US!! July 4th
Keep Getting UP! July 11th
Wed. Bible Study July 8th
Harvesting The Word July 18th
Wed. Bible Study July 15th
Dealing With Weeds July 25th
There's Room For You! Aug. 1st
Wed. Bible Study Aug. 5th
Work it Out! Aug. 8th
How Much Will You Pay? Aug. 22nd
Relationship not Religionship Aug 29th
Sept. 5th 2009 Sept. 5th
Destined to Rule Sept. 12th
Call to Repentance Sept. 23rd
Call to Repentance II Sept. 26th
Wed. Bible Study September 30th
Walking in the Spirit October 3rd
Oct 10th Service Oct. 10th
The Armor of God Oct. 17th
Wed. Bible Study Oct. 21st
Under Command Oct. 24th
Wed. Bible Study Nov. 4th
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